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Where Did We Go Wrong? 
"Good News"

Mental Illness is nothing to scoff at and it is VAGUE to say the least.  There was a favorite Dr. of mine that said, " If the Mental Health Institutes would balance the Magnesium and Calcium in people(especially Women), the hospitals would be empty."  Why did he say that?  The reason is so many minerals and vitamins are stripped from us and we are very malnourished. It could be as simple as too much coffee destroying our B12 which is our energy stash and all of the other B Vitamins.  These are our thinking tools and processing emotion tools.  Make sense? 

Then there is Trauma.  Pas traumas that have restricted our growth Emotionally.  We feel it pain, however we cannot put our finger on it.  Becoming EQ, Emotionally Intelligent is as important as the IQ conversation. Let us at least have "the conversation". Fair?

Can you see we need to start with the Basics of nutrition and then check off that box before we decide exactly what "mental illness" we might be dealing with.  I do not wish to simplify mental illness, but it is time to take back our lives and our sanity!

Stay tuned for great information and simple products that can assist our change within and without. Much Love - Peg

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